We are a start-up founded by pioneers in the mobile biometrics landscape. We are the key people who invented and built the world's first mobile iris recognition system over a decade ago. We built the world's first ever portable multi-mode biometric (iris, finger and face) device that is extensively used by the US armed forces and intelligence agencies. We desinged and built massively scalable iris recognition software to perform billion+ iris comparisons per second, and the system performed over 1.57 quadrillion iris comparisons non-stop. We are now proud to offer our ground-breaking, new generation iris recognition technology for integration into 3rd party applications.

Why Unique Biometrics?

Our Iris Authentication Servers are built with security, simplicity, functionality, reliability and scalability at their heart - not merely an afterthought. Our optimized Iris Recognition Algorithms are among the fastest and most efficient in the industry and can scale linearly with the enrollments. We are a small, efficient, self-funded company and have no investors pressing us to make our business decisions. This gives us the flexibility to put our customers before the profit. Give us a try, we will work hard to earn your trust - that is our promise.

Lightning fast Iris algorithms

We offer optimized Iris Authentication Software for extreme speed Iris Signature extraction (< 10ms) and true 1:N Iris Recognition with throughput exceeding 100 million Iris Signature pairs per second on a single server node.

Higher identification accuracy

Our Iris Signature generation algorithm extracts upto 2880 bits of unique features, about 40% more data compared to leading competitor - reduces the likelyhood of a false identification.

Scalable and Reliable

Our matching algorithm scales linearly with the addition of CPU cores. We optimized our algorithm for multi-thread, multi-CPU and multi-node configurations to achieve near linear performance gains with the addition of computing resources.


We provide modern web based RESTful APIs for our Iris Authentication algorithms - this makes it easier to add Iris Authentication capability to any end-user application/solution.

Safe And Secure

The enrollment data stored on disk are encrypted with industry standard AES256 cryptography. In addition, the individual Iris Signatures are encrypted and hashed at the time of encoding. Our REST APIs support SSL with oAuth2 tokens for client authorization.

Top-notch Customer Support

Although we worked hard to perfect our products, we know there will be occasions when you need our support and know-hows. In such scenarios, we offer you direct support from our engineering staff who designed and built our products and can assist you directly.

Product Announcements

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