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We have been busy working on our Iris Recognition SDKs and our Hummingbird USB Iris Scanner. As you can see in this demo video, dual iris capture with Hummingbird is a breeze, it takes just a couple of seconds to scan both eyes, match them using our Iris Recognition SDK. The Hummingbird iris scanner captures both eyes synchronously using a single image sensor. The synchronous capture of both eyes offers extreme level of identification accuracy for the applications that require absolute certainty of the identity. This also eliminates the need for unnecessarily trying to match multitude of angular eye rotations to see if a iris match can be found. This brute force method is a common practice in iris recognition algorithms to find a possible match when iris captures are done with single eye scanners or even with dual iris scanners that cannot assure right and left eyes are captured at same point in time.

It is easier than you think to integrate iris recognition capabilities to existing applications that require positive identification. Please contact us at, we can get you started :)

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August 15, 2015

Nithin Kumar

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