Our Products

Hummingbird USB Iris Scanner

Our USB based synchronous dual iris scanner is ideal for integrating iris recognition capabilities to existing applications such as Detainee/Prison Management, Immigration/Border Security, Banking, Healthcare, Social-Welfare and other Identity Management programs requiring collection and verification of iris data

IriStick Iris Authentication Server

Our Iris Server preloaded on an IntelĀ® Compute Stick, ready to use, plug and go. Ideal for trying out our SDK or embedding iris recognition functionality into your embedded product. Provides seamless upgrade path to our Lightning Iris Server and to our Lightning Iris Server Cluster Edition for un-hindered growth

Lightning Iris Authentication Server

Our Iris Recognition software packaged as a hosted service. We combined our years of expertise in Iris biometrics with our knowledge of building reliable and scalable match engines in designing the Iris Server product.

Lighting IriServer Cluster Edition (under development)

Our massively scalable (billion+ Iris Signature pair matches/sec) Iris Matching server suitable for mega scale projects involving iris based de-duplication at national scale

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