Our Support Pledge

As our valued customers, we pledge to offer you the best support possible - directly from our engineering staff who designed and built the products we offer. No more going through the myriad of support maze, having to explain the issues over and again, navigating your way through the support ladder! Our knowledgeable core technical staff knows our technology, do the best they can to assist you. Rest assured you will be getting the best support without the hassle and run-around you get from the large companies.

Lightning Iris Authentication REST API

Developer resources for using Unique Biometrics Lightning Iris Authentication APIs. Provides useful documents and code snippets for integrating Iris Recognition functionality to your application/solution.

Hummingbird Iris Scanner Developer Resources

Documentation for using Hummingbird USB Iris Scanner for capturing the ISO/IEC 19794-6 standards compliant iris image from Windows and Android clients.

Knowledgebase Articles

General information about our products, technology, obtaining the license, licensing terms, FAQs and other helpful technical resources.

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